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E- Meeting Webinars : Organising Virtual Events and Webinars

E-Meeting Webinars - Drupal

The pandemic has led societies on a global scale to a new model of communication between people.The use of  teleworking  software has become common place in all our areas of activities ,in education, at work and  in entertainment.


WebEx, Zoom,Hangouts, Teams and number of other applications have entered in our lives for good, allowing us to continue to operate even in lock down regime, making our communication more flexible and even penetrated into sectors and age groups that by then had never used the advantages of technology.

This digital transformation, although inelegant and as a result of the harsh reality pandemic brought, expedited the familiarisation  of a large part of the population with the remote work, communication and entertainment. It is obvious that the remote communication has come to stay.

Apart from the pandemic, the rapid development of technology like 5G, fibre optics, the widespread use of smartphones are a guarantee that much of our communication will now be done remotely.

The benefits of this new reality are multiple. Reduction of travel costs, reduction of transition time , reduction of costs of the events, conferences, lessons, reduction of working hours, flexibility  in the work of essential groups like parents and also restriction of the need for migration of workers either abroad or within the country.

At E-Sepia having foreseen this development, we created in 2017 E-Meeting, in order to provide to our customers  with a modern tele-collaboration tool  through which they will be able to schedule their meetings and their data, which is currently  installed on more than 80 players  and which is constantly enriched with new features.


Noticing that the need of remote communication has expanded and now covers a large part of the events that are organised (conferences, workshops ,trainings), we have created E-Meeting Webinars, through which our clients could easily and safely create and manage the virtual events they want.


Our new product, developed in Drupal 9, works with WebEX and a number of popular applications such as Vimeo, YouTube and Mailchimp.


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