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Greek Drupal Community is back!

E-Sepia Drupal

10th of April 2024 marked a pivotal moment for the Greek Drupal Community. In a significant gathering, some of the most experienced Greek Drupal Developers came together for the #GreeceSpringSprint2024 Drupal Contribution Event.

In a collaborative effort spanning three major Greek cities - Athens, Thessaloniki, and Patras - three teams of Drupal developers met in person working from 15:00 until late into the night, managing to resolve more than a remarkable number of issues.

Furthermore, this event wasn't just about fixing issues; it was a golden opportunity for socializing, and exchanging ideas and experiences, underscoring the vibrant spirit of our community.

The event received robust support from E-Sepia Web Innovation and Pointblank, two of the most significant Drupal Agencies in Greece.

A heartfelt thank you to Panagiotis Moutsopoulos (E-Sepia) and Kostas Kourakis (Pointblank) for their exceptional organizing efforts. And, of course, a massive shoutout to all the developers who participated, whose effort and contributions were instrumental in the event's success.

This event signifies a robust restart for the Greek Drupal Community, and we are optimistic it will pave the way for more activities and meetups.

Stay tuned for more updates, and let's keep the momentum going!

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